Los Angeles | Dr Fodor on Redu Surgery

Dr. Fodor offers corrective surgery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas of California.

As a highly experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Fodor is often called upon to improve on less than satisfactory results of cosmetic surgery procedures that have been performed elsewhere. 50% of Dr. Fodor’s consultations involve patients who are seeking corrective or secondary (or “re-do”) surgery.

As with any surgical procedure, Dr. Fodor warns patients that liposuction poses certain risks. Inferior liposuction procedures can yield an asymmetrical, unnatural, or otherwise disappointing result and he urges his patients to maintain realistic expectations when considering corrective liposuction or any re-do surgery.

Re-do plastic surgery procedures in Los Angeles can be very complicated and should not be something any patient should have to go through. And while Dr. Fodor is famous for obtaining major improvements for most of his secondary surgery patients, best results will always be obtained with Dr. Fodor as the primary surgeon.

“Many board-certified plastic surgeons routinely see patients in need of secondary or re-do operations. In my own practice, at least 50 percent of the patients consulting with me are seeking corrective surgery. Many, but unfortunately not all, such patients can be helped and their results can be improved.

However, it is important for these patients to have realistic expectations; an outstanding outcome from a re-do is less likely, even in experienced hands, than if the procedure were being performed for the first time.”

–Dr. Peter B. Fodor

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