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How to Use Your Sign In Form CRM System
Promotional Campaigns to Raving Fans

Everything You Need to Create & Monitor Promotion Campaigns
The CRM provides you Analytics of your campaigns which will help you determine if your campaigns are reaching your customers and if they are responding to them.

  • Email Campaigns
  • Text Message Campaigns
  • Promotion Pages
  • Surveys
Adding Contacts

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4 Easy Ways to Add Contacts into to CRM
  • Email & SMS
    If you’re on the go or out, and want to ask for review or some feedback from a customer, you can just email or text message that contact right into your CRM.
  • Web Form
    This option lets you fill on a Web Form.
  • Sign In Form
    This is a powerful strategy where you have a tablet and you’ll ask your customer to simply Sign In. So long gone are the days that someone fills in a clipboard, you can literally digitized the entire process by having them Sign In. We’ll log everything and then in the next 4- 8 hours, we will follow up with them with the text message and and email to get feedback about their experience that day.
  • Import List
    To make things faster, you can import your entire list of customers for the last 6 months or the entire database. We put them into an email sequence and follow up with them to ask them for feedback about their experience.
Requesting Feedback / Reviews

Setting Up & Sending a Request Campaign
  • Request Campaign
    This allows you to import your contacts and from that, we follow up your clients and customers in order for you to get amazing instant feedback for you and also be able to get amazing reviews to be able to build your Online Reputation.

    The Request Campaigns also gives you insight on the performance of your campaigns with Analytics and Reporting features.

Sending Thank You Messages

Setting Up and Sending a Thank You Campaign
  • Thank You Campaign
    This Campaign automatically sends Thank You emails each time your customer or client leaves a positive feedback.

  • Thank You Email Summary
    The Thank You Email Summary tracks how many emails were sent and opened and how many people actually clicked on the link that you’ve put inside your Thank You Email.

    Tracks all of your email requests you’ve send out based on Unopened, Opened and Clicked.

    We’ve also added a special feature that lets you track if your email is filtered as Spam.

Sending Apology Messages

Setting Up and Sending an Apology Campaign
  • Apology Campaign
    This Campaign is important because it lets you immediately react to any less than positive feedback from your customers. This is where you can learn how to improve as a company, but also lets you respond right away and have a chance to fix any problems your customers have.

    After sending a Request Campaign then getting a 1 star or a 3 star feedback from a customer, that’s the time that we send an Apology Campaign and follow up with them.

    There are two things that’s important to happen when someone doesn’t leave a great feedback:

    Each individual business reviews the information internally – So they can see how they can improve with their customers and make sure that any mistakes or expectation are never made again that might be missed.

    Respond to customer and client appropriately – Because all of the studies and feedback we’ve gotten, from people that haven’t got a good experience, that number one thing that your customer or client is looking for is just to know that they’ve been heard.