Objection – Plenty of Business Don’t Need This

You must turn every “Generic Blocker” objection around
Slice it into “Specific” objects for them to choose from

I understand… You don’t need any more business.
Let me ask you, is your reputation important to you..??

Let them answer: YES

As a matter of fact, I’m not to sure if you are aware of this but as I mentioned 87% of everyone that gets referred to you will go online first before they pick up the phone and call.

What we have found, especially with Doctors, your reputation is your name. I’ll bet you have a great reputation in {City} but people can’t see that online and perception is reality. So no reputation online equals a bad reputation and that’s very easy to fix with an expert interview video.

So, the production costs for the Expert Interview is 3,000 dollars and I will cover the cost of that and we can show people you are the expert in your area.

Gain agreement then (Schedule Date & Time)