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What is the Value of Video Marketing for Physicians?

If you’re wondering what the value of video marketing is all you have to do is look at your web presence from the eyes of a potential new patient.

When you’re trying to learn about a new service would you rather read a page of text or watch a video?

99 Out of 100 People Would Rather Watch a Video

Not only do they get the information they are looking for faster, but they also get to meet the doctor they will be working with. Video allows you to form a relationship with the patient before they meet you.  You immediately have more trust from that patient when they walk into your office for the first time.

The Expert Interview video is a valuable marketing tool. The interview process naturally gives you third party validation. Very much like patient testimonials.

User created video is powerful.

Here is why…

1.) It introduces you directly and starts to build trust with your patients before they even call you.

2.) It gives you the opportunity to get the correct information into the marketplace.

3.) There are lots of people looking for you.


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