Script (Decision Maker) Dentist – Expert Interview

Hello Dr. (NAME)

My name is Michael Scott
I am an Associate Producer with Local Expert Interviews.

We would like to Interview You as an Expert in Dentistry.
What is your specialty…??


We are producing a series of Expert Interviews for local Dentists
We’ve got an open spot in our production schedule that needs to be filled by the end of this month.
We would like to offer this spot to you as part of our Beta program.
Would you like to be one of our Experts..?


Our production typically costs anywhere from $25 hundred to $3000 to produce but the production costs are being underwritten for you, by us, as a part of a beta program.
Are you OK with us covering the production costs..?


So before I get to how our process works Why don’t I start by showing you an Expert Interviews that have produced for other Doctors?

[ OK ]

Great, so are you in front of your computer?

[YES] Can you Go to Google? OK, type in the search Best Cosmetic Dentist Singer Island.

1. Go ahead and watch it is only 59 seconds…
“What do you think a potential customer would do after looking for a Dentist and watching an Expert Interview video like this and seeing their phone number?


We’ve done focus groups on these Expert Interview Videos and…
– Found that 70% of consumers that watch the said they would pick up the phone to call you
– We found that 65% said they would refer you to a friend that needed your products & services.
Can you imagine someone referring you a customer because they saw you in an Expert Interview?


These Expose Interviews are a powerful reputation and branding strategy because we:
– Use professional spokes models
– We shoot in a Hollywood style studio
– We professionally edit and brand each video to position you as a market leader
– We create prime time graphics and animation

The Interview you just watched..
if you had to produce it and hire spokes models, pay for studio time and post production people yourself, how much do you think it would cost?


We are under writing the production costs as part of a Beta program.
I know that sounds too good to be true…BUT… before you think that…
We would like to get a few things from you in return for covering production expenses.

1.) We would like to get your feedback..
Because the Expert Interview is part of an overall strategy to help Dentist with their Brand, Social Media, SEO, Reputation and help get more patients….
We would like to get your feedback in the form of a quick survey on how our process worked for you.
Fair enough..?


2.) We would like to get 3 Referrals from you of other Reputable Local Businesses that might benefit from our Beta program.
When we launch this program publicly, it will be $3,500 so we need to successfully launch this beta with a few more businesses.
Sound good?


3). You cover our syndication costs of 297…
Again, typically our production costs are $3,000 and we are underwriting all the Production expenses for you but we have some hard syndication cost and royalty fees we can’t get around.
So you would be getting a $3,000 Interview for a couple hundred bucks.
Is that OK?


OK Great, the way our process works is we schedule a Pre Production Call and a Post Production call. Each takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

In the Pre Production Call…
– We will provide a script for you to read.
– We will shoot your portion of the Interview with on your web cam on your computer in your office. Do you have a computer with a Web Cam..??

[YES] – OK Great.
[NO] – OK Great. We can do an Audio Interview then.

During the Pre-Production call we will
1.) Go over the Script until it is smooth and conversational
2.) Get your computer and background set up correctly
3.) Record the Interview.

What time do you have available for the call?

(3-4 days after the Pre-Production Call)
We should be finished with the production on ______________________ to meet our deadline,
1. We will review the Interview with you for technical accuracy, for you to sign off on it.
2. Get your feedback on the process and a few other details

What time on ________________ the ______________ do you have available for that call?

Ok… I’ve got you scheduled for:
__________________________ at __________________ for a Pre-Production Call
___________________________at _________________ For Post-Production Meeting

OK, now to produce the best possible Interview I would like to know 3 important things:

– What makes you unique in the marketplace?
– What do you do differently than you competition?
– What type of marketing are you doing to get message out?
– What are you spending a month trying to get your message out?

Ok… Now I need to email you out Expose Intake Form to make sure we have all your correct information.
What is your email address there…?

Send this Link via Email:

Make sure they open the email and fill out…
1.) Company Name
2.) Client Name
3.) Email address
4.) Phone Number
5.) Pre-Production Call (Date & Time)
6.) Pre-Production Call (Date & Time)
7.) Credit Card Information

If they don’t have Company Logo, Office Photos, etc… we can get that at the Pre-Production Call

Once they hit Submit the Appointment is confirmed.

Sounds like you have a great story to tell, and I’m excited we got a chance to talk. It seems like a great fit for what we are looking for as part of our Beta program.

My Executive Producer, Mr. Grady will be sending you a Pre-written Script via email.
– You can read the script exactly
– Modify it to fit your business
– Write a completely original script.
It is completely up to you. You have full control.

OK Great, We look forward to working with you

If you have any questions, Please respond to the mail I’ll be sending with my contact information and the Production schedule.

Did you have any last questions?

Great, we will talk soon.