YouTube Taking Over Media!

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Watch More Content than Cable TV Right Now Top 25 Websites
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YouTube is coming, I questioned my 10 year old neice who watches a lot of videos on YouTube, a hypothetical question. If we had to take away one thing in her house either… the TV or the iPad? Which would it be?

Straight away she said… TV.!!

48 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube every single minute!

A lot of it is terrible, a lot of it is funny, but a lot of it is also Awesome!

When you look at YouTube from the perspective of the future and start to look for just awesome content, that is a massive rabbit hole you’ll never come out of, there’s just too much.

There is a tutorial for anything you could ever imagine, right there at your finger tips.

Like simple stuff. One of our newer graphic designers is an artist, she’s got a degree in ceramics and has always loved art. A few years ago before she had her kids, she studied Graphic arts and is now getting back into it. She is using her graphic skills to make awesome apps for small business’s etc. She needed to brush up on her Illustrator skills. I told her search YouTube for “Illustrator tutorial”.

Bang! 1000’s of them, so then she refined her search to what she needed help on, and some dude has just educated her on the finer arts of creating supreme Icons for Iphones and Android.

And this is free mind you, not too many years ago, you’d pay a pretty price to get this education.

Point being, content runs the world, specifically more so as we all get more access to information. YouTube is the central hub of content on the web no doubt about it. and there’s just so much more coming sooner and faster.

Right now, the best cooking tutorials and shows are on YouTube, for free, Probably the best Brain surgery techniques as well all for free.. it wasn’t that long ago, that all that information cost you a lot of money. The world is changing really fast, getting into understanding the inside workings of YouTube right now, is going to give you significant advantages over those who do not.

This is why I researched a lot about YouTube and its primary content creators, watched documentaries about these people. These individual people are really climbing up the celebrity ladder at a fast pace.

These are content providers who are themselves the content, but this gives us a clear direction of where Youtube is going, in terms of mainstream acceptance.

In my opinion, in just 5 years, in all western societies, Youtube will be providing more content to your average population than TV. By far. Have you seen the New ITV that Apple is bringing out? it allows consecutive viewing of your TV and Internet.

Soon the internet will surpass peoples existing content viewing habbits.

And now is the perfect time in my opinion to sink your teeth into understanding and getting the most out of YouTube right now.. This will be so advantageous for when its gone ballistic.

There are so many opportunities out there, when you are a part of the biggest content provider on the planet. Understand how it works and be in a position to get your own content out there in front of this Global audience.

So now is the perfect time to get into YouTube.

Not just for what we are doing in terms of marketing, though becoming a YT marketer and having POWER in this new medium, when it takes over all media. You will be in a very powerful position. Very Powerful..

People will be screaming out for your services.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Hope this Helps